Thursday 25 September 2014

Will Yours Clothing have the jeans for me?

After modelling yours clothing jeans at this years Plus North, I  made it my mission to head over to a Yours Clothing store to see if they had THE jeans I've been searching years for.
Here's the jeans I wore at Plus North
They were just an ok for me, a size 20,  they were supposed to be skinny leg but were too baggy on the bum and thighs. Shame as they fit so well in the waist.
I currently only have one pair of skinny jeans and they are on their way out. I need something that fits well in the waist, not too long and hug my bum AND legs. 
So off I popped to the bristol store where I met the lovely Mia, she made it her personal mission to find jeans that fit me. Armed with a tonne of denim, I holed myself up in the changing rooms and started my pilgrimage to jeansville.
Here's pair number one
These were a size 20 and were huge on me. Too long, too baggy.
Pair two
These were tight on the waist, too baggy in the legs but just the right length.
Pair three
These were the sie down from the last pair but wouldn't do up at the waist and still had bagging on the knees.
The girls in the store were all so wonderful and I felt more like I was visiting friends. I was made tofeel completely welcome, nothing was toomuch trouble but in the end they admitted defeat in my perfect skinny jean quest. I hated leaving the store empty handed but I will not hesitate to pay the store another visit very soon!

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