Friday 11 July 2014

Same Size Different Shape #2

This is the second instalment of SS,DS and this time the theme is swing dresses. I LOVE them! But I have a high standard when it comes to them as they tend to make me look tentish. I like them very fitted at the bust so they flow passed down over the lumpy goods. I do find then a very safe option of clothing, good if you can't think of an outfit to put together. I've already blogged about a few I own so thought I would wear one that doesn't get worn very often. 

             Dress ; George@ Asda
              Sunglasses; Primark
I had an inner debate whether this was a swing dress or a skater dress. I even googled it! Seems they are pretty much the same thing. The swing dress being a dress that is fluid in motion for ease of dancing in and can be in any top for whether it be long sleeves or spaghetti strap. 
Be sure to check out the other babes taking part in this challenge. We are all size 20, just different shapes x

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