Tuesday 24 June 2014

Summer Bling from EBay

By now you should of realised that I'm a serial bargain hunter and EBay addict. When it comes to new jewellery, EBay is usually my first port of call. Now summer is well and truly here, I thought I would share my EBay finds with you. I don't have anything in mind when I search for a necklace but I usually type in 'statement necklace' or 'crystal bling'. Guaranteed I will find something trashy for under a fiver that I can't resist. Granted, they are mega cheap and mass produced in China but I have a toddler that breaks everything of mine and 2 teens that often like to 'borrow', so if it's cheap I'm not going to be too upset if it does break/get pinched.
Here are a couple of links;

ion head necklace can be found Here
Daisy necklace can be found Here
Fortune teller necklace found Here

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