Saturday 11 January 2014

OOTD @ Bristol Zoo Gardens

So today I was in a bit of a sulk. I wanted to go down to London and meet up with some other bloggers for #FATCHAT but simply couldn't afford the train fare from Bristol. Instead I rounded up my little family and headed for the zoo.
Heres what I wore...
                        Jacket;     F+F @ Tesco
                        Top;          Primark
                        Skirt;        Asos Curve
                        Leggings; Dorothy Perkins
                        Boots;       Primark
                        Necklace; Homemade

I've been living in boots lately, I simply cant get enough of them so today I chose my trusty leopard print flats that I knew would be super comfy for walking around in (or chasing baby!). I love this skater skirt from Asos Curve. I decided not to wear a belt today as I thought it would be a little too much with a statement necklace. This one I wore today is a homemade creation. Its a simple black plastic horse with a chain attached. At least I know I wouldn't bump into anyone wearing the same thing!
                                                          My new pal x

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