Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Year, New Lip Colour

After a year of mostly wearing the same three lipsticks, I decided that it was time to throw out some old unworn colours and buy something a little different. I had recently purchased a top and leggings in Primark with chain and Barbie print so thought what better than to go Barbie pink with the lips too.
I'm pretty constant when it comes to what I go for in a lipstick- muted pink and matte for everyday mum wear or matte red when out and about. So for me, going for a lipstick with shine is a bit brave for me.
I chose this colour from the H&M make up range this week and knew this was THE one. Its called Pink Fool.

It was a total bargain at £3.99 and its yet to disappoint. Colour matched the outside and has a velvety soft texture without too much shine. Whadda ya think? x

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