Monday 25 November 2013

Plus London Three

After hearing through friends about Plus North and missing out, I was desperate to find another similar event on the horizon. This is when Plus London Three caught my attention. 
Sponsored by Simply Be and Curvissa, I knew it would be a hit. I wasn't wrong!
Day one was Brand Day. The venue, Hoxton Arches, was filled with bloggers, blog readers and general fatshion lovers galore. There were some amazing stands which included Simply Be, Curvissa, Black Heart Creatives, Curvy Kate and many more... So glad I took plenty of cash along. Browsing the Simply Be stand, I fell in love with the array of jumpers on offer. Most of all I fell in love with a beautiful sequined 'mermaid' dress. The Gok Wan dog tooth range of underwear also grabbed my attention and if I hound Santa for it, who knows! Black Heart Creatives got my cash first, where I met the gorgeous Charlotte. I purchased a C**T brooch (not to be worn on parents evenings!) and a Glen Coco necklace (genious!) All designs were fab and great that you can order custom made items too.

 Next I trotted along to Red Bows Boutique and found a super cute navy jumper with cropped sleeves and a flowery neckline. Great for me as I get very hot in jumpers. Next I headed over to have my hair 'did' by the lovely Lilly from The Pamper Box who were supplied by Curvissa. I chose a simple rolled fringe.
                                                   T shirt ; Gisela Ramirez
                                                   Skirt;     Primark
                                                   Belt;      Asos

We sat for a talk and Q&A with brands Twisted Siren and Black Heart Creatives which was really informative about how small independent businesses are set up and ran. 
Afterwards I had a bra fitting (my first ever!) with Curvy Kate and was shocked to find that I've been wearing a very different size to what I actually am! New bras on my shopping list for sure.
                                                 My 'roomie' lovely Vicky x
After checking in to our hotel room, my fellow room mate and companion for the weekend and I, got ready for the After Dark part of this weekends event. 
On arrival we were plied with shots of chub rub-don't ask! Then entertained ourselves with bubbles, sweets and chatted amongst ourselves whilst listening to the sweet music that filled our ears by the lovely Bethany or DOMO. Once we were all a little pickled and were feeling comfortable with each other, we were all up and having a boogie.

Blast photography had a set up in the next room and had supplied an endless amount of props for us to play with. I was a little worse for wear by the time my turn came around and all my pics resulted in me with red cheeks and a little wonk in the eye lol

                                                              Dress;   Beth Ditto for Evans

Day two was Community Day. This day actually helped me quite alot and it was a shame that it wasn't as busy as the day before. This didn't matter to me however as I was there and enjoyed it.
It started with a panel discussion with 3 speakers. They spoke a lot about confidence which is something I lack in. I often have to remind myself that confidence is something that should come from within and its not the clothes that makes me. 
After the discussion I had a short amount of time before I had to leave and get my train home. There were tables out filled with beads, sequins and material so we could alter, customise or make something for ourselves. I was wearing a pair of high waisted denim shorts that were 2 sizes too big and I got them taken in by Erin. Now they feel great on. I even customised them with some leather patches. I grabbed a salted caramel brownie from the lovely cake stand by The Vintage Cake Company said my goodbyes to new friends made at what I thought was an all round great weekend that taught me some things along the way.


  1. Love it that you are blogging Sam.;) Great post and great photos. You are stunning... :) xx

    1. Thank you so much , Anne-Lise. Your kind words really do mean so much x

  2. You look amazing in that dress! SO good! x