Sunday 13 May 2018

Baileys Almande

The lovely guys over at Baileys  have recently sent me a (quite frankly, beautiful) bottle of the new Baileys Almande dairy free drink to try.
Having previously loved the original, I could no longer drink it as I’ve become more intolerant to dairy and it just added to my discomfort. Fast forward to this new wonderful creation, with delicious notes of almond that was ever so subtle and didn’t leave you with an overbearing nutty taste. Baileys Almande is not only dairy free but also lactose free and gluten free too! Suitable for those with related allergies, intolerances and diets. 
Baileys Almonde is made from sweet almond oil, almond essence -(from crushed almonds), cane sugar, purified water and a touch of vanilla. It’s also slightly less strong than the original at 13% ABV 

Of course simply poured over ice is always a winner but on this occasion, I made the most of my afternoon off work and sat in the sunshine. I decided to try it poured over my favourite dairy free ice cream as an afternoon treat. 

For other great recipe ideas, why not head on over to the Baileys page for some inspiration. I’m eager to try out the Flat White Martini!

            How do you enjoy yours? X

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