Sunday 4 March 2018

Topsy Curvy Side Popper Trousers

Remember back in the 90’s where side popper trousers were the new thing? I had this hideous bright blue pair by a big sports brand and they were shinier than a shiny thing. There was one incident of me catching the side of the said trousers on the bus, full of school friends, and the entire leg popped open to reveal some less than cute granny pants. I was mortified!
Fast forward 20 years and here I am again, but this time I’m embracing the fully exposed legs and feeling sexier than ever. Of course, the beauty of these fabulous Topsy Curvy trousers from Lovedrobe is that they are not made from that shiny, cheap material. And of course can be worn safely done up for that more practical look. These trousers are tapered to the leg, which is such a hot look with a pair of boots or heels. Or you could undo a popper or two and wear with trainers for that more relaxed look, lending a nod to the 90’s trend. Did I mention that they also have pockets?! 

You can these here x

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