Wednesday 16 August 2017

Floral Baseball dress ft Pink Clove

You know when you idly browse sites and something grabs your attention and no matter how much scrolling you do after, you find yourself going back to that one item? That's what happened with this dress. Constant revisiting it to have another look, asking myself 'Do I need it? How many ways could I wear it?' Well, let's be honest, it's a floral dress, how many ways can you really wear it? One. But it's that gorgeous I didn't care.

Pink Clove have really upped their game this year. Whether I'm browsingptheir home site or on Asos, I'm guaranteed to find something I want. Which for me, is a really big deal! 

This button down dress is made from a stretchy jersey material. It's light enough to wear for warm weather but obviously could be layered over tights/leggings in the colder months. On me, the length is just ideal. I can bend right over without flashing the world my bum- no one needs to see that! I love the nod to a baseball style top, channelling Madonna in A League of Their Own and the tropical prints give it that little tiki/retro edge. Right up my street!

Cat is obvs not included but you can find the dress here x

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