Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Brace and Browns Bottomless Brunch

For my birthday, I very kindly got treated to bottomless brunch at Brace and Browns on Whiteladies Road, Bristol. I've been meaning to come here for over a year now and had to cancel previously made reservations- which are hard to get! - Bookings fill up ridiculously fast and are rare to get up to 2 months before you plan to go. They are now already fully booked until August!

Arriving with an empty stomach, I didn't come here for an eating challenge but to sample practically everything they had on offer! The fact it came with unlimited Prosecco only sweetened the deal. We chose the Classic brunch for £28.50 Unlimited dishes and Prosecco at that price, it was certainly value for money. 
We were sat tucked away in a cosy corner, lit by candles which although felt wonderfully intimate, I did feel a bit hidden from the glorious midday sunshine outside which was a shame. 


We started with this delightful breakfast platter, consisting of cheese scones, yogurt topped granola and mini raspberry Danish pastries. I gave each a little taste, not wanting to spoil my appetite for the more 'brunchier' goods on offer. The yogurt and granola was the winner by far. Thick and very creamy yogurt was delicious. 

Smoked mackerel and guacamole bagel. This was my favourite of all dishes. 

Pulled pork hash brown with poached egg. The pork was a little under seasoned causing the flavour to get lost. However, the egg was cooked to perfection.

Smoked back bacon with hash brown & Romanesco sauce. This was also another beautiful dish. The Romanesco sauce was light and delicious.

Chorizo & tomato patatas bravas with sour cream. This was full of punchy flavours and incredibly hearty. My guests favourite. 

Field mushrooms & truffled spinach bruschetta. These were wonderfully light and earthy.

Coffee and walnut cake with chocolate sauce. Not a huge fan of this one if I'm honest. It wasn't overly sweet and had a bitterness.

Belgium waffle with espresso mascarpone. This was the perfect dish to end the meal on. I was incredibly full at this point but dessert stomach was in full swing! 

If there was one thing that did take me by surprise, it was the lack of toast on offer. Many of the dishes contained potato, which is possibly there to fill you up quicker, rather than toast that is easier to eat. Clever! But I'm a self confessed bread addict and felt a little cheated that there were so few bread based dishes on offer. I was also expecting a lot of avocado which is often a brunch staple but there was very little of that too. There was also pea shoots served with every dish. I do love a garnish but thought a variation could of been better. 
All in all, I really enjoyed my morning at Brace & Browns and look forward to returning now that the menu has now changed. 

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