Friday 9 December 2016

Christmas Party Season with Wingz

 If you're like thousands of women out there who struggle to find clothes that cover the arms, wether it's the full arm or just partly, then Wingz are absolute gem for your wardrobe. 
I've been aware of Wingz for as long as I've been part of the blogging community but as I happen to like my big wobbly arms, I didn't feel I needed any. Until I tried them! 
Now, I'm all for getting my arms out, especially in the summer but when it comes to winter, I'm more than comfortable in a big oversized cardigan. But they're just not practical when I go out 'dressed up'. This is where Wingz have changed the game for me. I'm a sucker for buying things in the end of summer sales then I find the weather goes down hill and I'm having to store all my beautiful summer things away. 
I was planning to show you how you could wear these sleeves with party dresses but I thought why not switch it up and wear them under a jumpsuit.


Now as much as I love a good cardigan, I don't want to cover my outfit up if I'm going out out. These Wings were just right. As they only cover my arms, I was not too hot but I also didn't feel too exposed either. I'm wearing the size 2 here. They are so versatile and I'm already thinking about other dresses and outfits that I can drag back out to wear with them. You could even buy them as a gift? There are a great selection of styles and colours over on the Wingz site and would make a great addition to any wardrobe. 


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