Monday, 25 April 2016

Oversized comfort in Jameela Jamil Dress with Simply Be

So just like last time, I waited with excitement, to feast my eyes on Jameela Jamil's newest collection with Simply Be. I loved the mix of her first designs. Beautiful tailoring, flowy jumpsuits and gorgeous dresses. I review one of the pieces here.
This years collection didn't fail to disappoint either. I instantly fell in love with the dresses. The Star print maxi is stunning! Without an occasion to wear it, I simply couldn't justify it so opted for the Oversized denim dress instead. It's love!

    Necklace H&M
    Boots Depop

The dress WAS oversized. I couldn't be happier. Yes, I'm aware that it's an oversized dress but sometimes, when it comes to plus sizes, it's not always the case. I chose my regular size, a 20, and it's spot on. The material is soft, slinky and thin but is the look and strength of denim. 
The straps can be adjusted to 3 different lengths which was super handy as I closed it on its tightest fitting when wearing it alone and it showed none of my bra. Bonus! 

It's such a wardrobe staple and I've already worn it like this, with no top, with a t shirt and trainers and with a long sleeve top and tights. It's so versatile and gives that much more for my money. 

Have you checked out the new collection yet? X

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