Saturday 23 January 2016

Wear What You Want with Simply Be

With 2015 behind us, Simply Be are looking at some of the items of clothing that girls and women have been banned from wearing, around the world. The list was featured on a recent Buzzfeed article (found here). These seemingly crazy items of clothing are more or less everything you or I own. Flat shoes, skirts, dresses, even tops with spaghetti straps!
  Over on the Simply Be blog, there's a fab article, 'All Of The Things We Are Going To Wear In 2016' highlighting some of the pieces that were actually banned in 2015. Here's an example of what I own and what I won't be giving up.

1. Leggings

I couldn't give two shits if my leggings make me look fat. I AM fat and I'm cool with that. 

2. Skirts- and while we're at it, crop tops.

Why does a roll of extra belly flesh mean you shouldn't wear a top of a shorter length? Who made you feel that it was 'wrong'. 
If a short skirt is deemed inappropriate, it's not you, it's them. I love the feeling of getting my legs out in the summer. I have no time for getting too hot in tights. (And my legs are banging.)

3. Dresses 

Erm, I don't need to tell you that you shouldn't wear dresses. They make up 80% of my wardrobe. Been around since the year dot. 

Now, what struck me the most were these particular clothes were not revealing or sexy, but were seen as a distraction to the opposite of sex. Why is it our fault, as females, that wearing such clothing are instantly classed as sexual objects? Why can we not be dressed in a way that pleases us? If the reasons were not for distraction then it plagued upon the fact that tight clothing might actually show off our body shape. It seems everywhere you look, society is constantly telling you these big do's and dont's. Well Simply Be and I say screw your ridiculous clothing rules and we'll wear what we like, not being dictated by others judgements. Be sure to check out the Simply Be post here.

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