Thursday 2 July 2015

Keeping my Cool on Coronation Street

Two weeks ago I jumped on a coach to Manchester, bound for 'The Corrie Tour'. For my international readers, Coronation Street is a long running soap opera that run tours through the old filming studios.
Given that I knew the temperature would be warm and that I would be stuck on a coach for the best part of four hours, I needed clothes that were comfortable and cool. 
After a recent shopping trip, H&M had some gorgeous bits in, one was this beach cover/kimono that I just couldn't resist.

What I love is that it's button up. They also had the matching trousers but I couldn't see myself getting as much wear as I would with the kimono. I'm so into the leaf print right now. Reminds me 70s wallpaper!
I wore this over a long vest and leggings, both from H&M too. 
Sandals were an EBay find. Made from 'jelly' type rubber, with cleated soles and chain detail across the foot and a bargain at only £3.99. Found here

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