Wednesday 22 October 2014

Shapewear from Bras and Honey

So it's no secret that I have an abundance of wobbly bits. Arms, legs and definitely tummy, are all of the jiggly nature! So I was pretty excited when Bras and Honey asked if I would like to chose some shapewear to review. With Christmas rapidly approaching and beautiful dresses to be worn, shapewear is often an outfit staple. I have previously worn shape squishing shorts, knickers and slip dresses that have promised to sculpt, lift, hide, flatten or whatever it claims to do but I'm often left doubtful at these claims. Fat is fat, it's not going anywhere else other than being evenly distributed around your body somewhere.
When choosing shapewear this time, I decided to go full hog. A complete body girdle. Seduced by its nude tone, ultra retro bullet cups and cute embroidered details, I had to try it. It's largest size was a 38D. I'm a DD and was also a bit worried as there was no indication dress size that it would fit up to. I chanced it anyway and found it did fit. Just! 
This is when I apologise for bad photos and very unattractive flesh shots.

This is the Playtex I Can't Believe It's A Girdle in Nude

I felt comfortably squished in and in no way restricted which is always a good and I definitely noticed the smoothness and lack of jiggle. My boobs fit in nicely but I had the straps on its longest setting. I'm quite long in the body so this didn't help the top of the cup to sit in the right place on my chest at times. It didn't put my off though. 
You can find this girdle Here


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