Wednesday 13 August 2014

OMCZ #38 Show me your maxi's

This month it's all about styling your maxi dresses and the theme was chosen by me!
Here's what I said;

I always struggle with ways to wear my maxi dresses. I'm not keen on bandeau top dresses and have only really worn my maxi with a crop top over it. And footwear. I've only ever worn flip flops. With a new maxi, I need to finally make an outfit from it and be happy. Show me your maxi styling!

My selection of maxi dresses are pretty small. I tend to go for black and loose so they hide any bumps but recently found myself buying a more fitted dress- with the dreaded bandeau top! For £3 I thought, why not. But once I got home I was left with the familiar idea of choosing which flip flops I was going to wear with it. For me, maxi dresses are the lazy girls option. You pull them on, you chuck some sandals on, your good to go. But something nagged in me that there was a way of wearing it and looking non lazy.

Here's my normal go to choice

Here's how I wore it with a little more thought

How do you style YOUR maxis? 

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