Friday 28 March 2014

Charity Blog Challenge - Hannah is shaving her hair!!

So my fellow blogger babe has decided to do something amazing for a local charity and wanted to base a blog challenge around this theme. She has decided to shave her hair off! This girl has some serious guts and I personally think she is pretty bloody amazing! Here's what Hannah says;

"I have decided that I want to shave my hair off for charity because honestly, I'm not fit enough to run a marathon, I'm too chicken to do a boxing day dip and I'm too lazy to do a sponsored clean!
I currently work for Cleveland College Of Art & Design as Students' Union President and we have been working with the lovely people over at Hartlepool Families First since September on bits and pieces, but now I want to do something really big and really help an amazing charity out who do so much for the local community. I wish I could explain to you all the amazing work that HFF do, but honestly they do so much I'd be writing forever! However here are a few of the amazing things they do. 
They empower the deaf community by putting on health related and social activities. They offer a health bus service to monitor peoples lives and help them to not develop long term conditions. They have a special needs home support scheme to support parents/carers and even offer specialist and stimulating toys and play equipment. They offer one to one support for young adults and children with behavioral issues and additional needs such as autism. There are so many other amazing things that they do, but I would be listing them all day!
So with that in mind, I'm going to cut off my precious hair! Those who know me know how vain I am (not a day goes by without a selfie) and so this is going to be a huge step for me, which is why I'm asking for your support to raise as much money as I possibly can for such a brilliant charity! To donate, visit or text HCUT88 £ (then any amount from 1-10) to 70070!
Thank you,"

I was completely up for any challenge thrown my way to show some respect for what she is doing. As great as the recent viral 'makeup free selfie' campaign was, it was literally just that- viral. It wasn't set up by Cancer Research but has been done in the past for a few other charities. It's great that all these people donated and raised awareness in the process but it just goes to show how people are quick to follow the herd when it comes to social media trends. For me, I didn't get involved. Showing my make up free face on Facebook was not going to help beat cancer or show much awareness. I would rather donate to the charity directly. But then what about local charities? Sure they might get some lottery funding and so on but without good, selfless deeds made by individuals like Hannah, they would surely struggle. 
So I have done my bit, donated to Cancer Research AND Hannah's chosen charity. The odd thing is, I have not been affected by cancer, either in my family or personally and I don't live in Hartlepool! But I believe everyone needs help somewhere. What better reason is there to give but that?

So challenge was to center it around your hair. Whether it was a crazy 'do, favourite hair accessory etc..

Here's my hair picture. Because right now, I love the colour, its condition, I love victory rolls and I love hair accessories. As for Hannah? In less than a week she'll have nothing. But what she will have is pride that she did something great for other people. Speaks volumes. x
Be sure to check out Hannah's blog here;

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