Monday 9 December 2013

Christmas Meal Outfit #1

                                                    Dress ;  George @ Asda
                                                    Leggings ; Primark
                                                    Creepers ; Office

Seeing as I'm out for more than just the one meal, I thought I'd share what I wore for each. Seeing as each event is the same, they all differ. Whether its the kind of people i'm dining with or fancy the event. (Make sense?) 
Tonight was my first. It was standard Christmas dinner with my Bristol friends. 22 of them! I still don't know them reeeally well and are very different from my 'home' friends, back in Essex.  
Seeing as we were going to a snug inn for drinks then to a bistro for dinner, I wanted to be dressed up but not 'dressed up'. I chose this light tunic/dress from George as it covered my arms making me feel a little more comfortable but light enough that I wasn't going to overheat. - one drink and I'm in full on sweat mode. It also skimmed my tummy incase I had that lovely after dinner bloat! The leggings are amazing. You just cant tell with this terrible picture. They are super stretchy, super comfy and are a wet look animal print. As it was raining I stuck to my trusty creepers. They gave me height without the heel so to avoid the risk of slipping over.#

I also wore my big vintage coat with my excellent Black Heat Creatives brooch <3

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